Transport insurance

Generally speaking, a standard hull insurance will not cover the yacht during the sea carriage. As a result the owner will have to apply for an extension on the existing policy or get a new one. It can be sometimes tricky even for a maritime related insurance company to put in place the right policy as a lot of information about the vessel, equipment being used, details of surveyor in place etc… are required. This can take times and often result in a high premium.

Cigisped yacht transport has been working for over 20 years in partnership with reliable and tailor made yacht transport insurance company. They can issue a policy purposely adapted to any particular yacht transport routes and yacht value within the same day of application at a competitive rate. This service has been put in place to ease the mind of our clients but remains purely optional and leaves the client completely free to choose his own insurance for the shipping of the yacht.

Weekly departure to/from The Mediterranean to/from Dubai

Monthly Departure From/to East Coast us to The Mediterranean and Dubai

Weekly Departure from/to Dubai to far East and Australias

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