Yacht Custom clearance at import and export

When shipping a yacht, it is very important to have a clear understanding of all the procedures, documents required, dues and related cost thus prior transporting the boat. Ships work under tight schedule and the custom clearance should be by no mean delaying the operation.

As a matter of fact, When it comes to direct delivery i.e, the yacht will be discharged directly in the water, the custom clearance should be completed prior arrival. Even in the case of indirect delivery (boat to be unloaded via pier or quayside), each port will at some point apply a storage fee to the boat (subject to their rules and regulations) and consequently it is a priority to clear the boat from custom as fast as possible to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Cigisped relies on customs officers to manage import/export customs operations in the shortest time possible, thereby facilitating customs clearance procedures. We provide valuable insight and information to organize themselves and prepare in advance the document they need so we can clear the yacht in due course.

Weekly departure to/from The Mediterranean to/from Dubai

Monthly Departure From/to East Coast us to The Mediterranean and Dubai

Weekly Departure from/to Dubai to far East and Australias

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